Learning & Development

In our 15-year journey, we have crossed many paths and have conquered many challenges.
We are now at the summit of the very best learning and development products around.

Who we are

We are a team of learning and multimedia experts brought together to bring you masterfully crafted custom products that our customers not only adore, but that also raise their standards for both style and substance.

Learning & Development

Performance improvement is the core of what we do. All of our learning strategies align with business objectives while being engaging, intuitive and fun. We help our customers redefine and set the standards for learning and development.

Creative Design

Our team of designers are driven by creativity and the challenge of bringing elegance and beauty to everything we do. It is their job to read minds and map thoughts, and to transform our learning and digital solutions into inspiring products.

Digital Solutions

Implementing digital solutions to achieve a wide range of customer objectives has become second nature to us; we develop multiplatform content that can be accessed by any device currently available on the market.


With a strong background in marketing and design, Studio 7 is a unique organization providing service and expertise not only in training and design, but in marketing as well, allowing us to support our customers in both strategic and tactical solutions, aligned to their business objectives, for all their training needs.

Instructional design team

Consulting & Education


A/V Studios


Programming Services


Digital Services


Instructional Design


Advertising & Communications

What the 7 Stands For

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