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Creative Design Digital Solutions Corporate Training
WHO WE ARE We are a team of learning and multimedia professionals brought together to bring you unique results for your unique training and digital needs. Those results are masterfully crafted custom products that our clients not only adore, but that also raise their standards for both style and substance.
DIGITAL SOLUTIONS By virtue of their growing needs, we have been offering digital solutions to our clients since 2008. Implementing digital solutions to achieve a wide range of client objectives has become second nature to us; from serious gaming products to 3D virtual avatar-led interactions to mobile applications, we develop multiplatform content that can accessed by any device currently available on the market.
CREATIVE DESIGN Our team of designers is driven by creativity and the challenge of bringing elegance and beauty to everything we do. It is their job to read our minds and map our thoughts, and to transform our learning and digital solutions into inspiring products. Our Creative Team also provides solutions in the fields of:
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Branding
  • Exhibition
  • Advertising
  • Print
CORPORATE TRAINING Performance improvement is the core of what we do. Our learning solutions are dedicated to help our customers achieve the very best results in behavior change. We specialize in adult learning principles, and the analysis of learning opportunities, allowing us to tailor-make learning products suited for any adult audience.

Each of our strategies offers unique benefits to the learners and to the organization, and we ensure that all of our solutions:
  • Align with business objectives to achieve measurable results
  • Are engaging, intuitive and fun
  • Fulfill specific learning and performance goals

We help our customers redefine and set the standards for online learning.


    The best learning solutions begin with an analysis phase. This ensures that the right learning gaps are identified and that the learning objectives are clear. From interviews to questionnaires to the review of materials, we rigorously analyze an opportunity in order bring vision to life.
  • 2. CONTEXT
    An important key to adult learning is understanding why we need to learn. Our clients come to us with specific learning needs, that require specific learning solutions with clear learning objectives. Our Instructional Designers can not only quickly understand a client’s culture, but also reflect it back to them through our learning products.
    Through the use of serious gaming, simulations, storytelling, illustration and so much more, we commit ourselves to building learning products that engage learners, helping them not only understand, but persist despite challenges and taking delight in their accomplishments.
    If it can be imagined, we can create it. We routinely bring daring ideas to life through educational solutions that must increasingly meet new digital requirements. Through the use of cutting edge technological tools and the continuous improvement of our learning professionals on the latest developments in training and education, we deliver the right products for the right solutions.
    It takes more than a thorough understanding of a client’s needs and materials to create our products; it requires the skill to present information back to a client’s learners in an interesting and relatable manner. That is why our learning professionals not only structure information properly, but also transform it into a compelling story through thoughtful writing and expressive narration.
    Even when we have gathered everything we need to proceed with a project, we never work without our clients close by. Every step of the way they are with us, so that they can see our work in progress, ensuring their satisfaction and allowing them any opportunity to make adjustments along the way.
    We start every project with the end in mind, which is to have our clients reach their best through products that look, teach, and work phenomenally well. Achieving this means being at our best as well, through tireless dedication, cooperation, and development of our skills.