Solenn Le Bihan Graphic designer

Scientist reconverted to multimedia, Solenn is passionate about the graphic world and artistic projects. It is by juggling with graphic creation and computer technologies that she reconciled her artistic soul and her Cartesian logic.

Attracted by new digital technologies and their rapid evolution, Solenn has been evolving in the multimedia world for 7 years, including 1 year at Studio 7 Communication, and more particularly in the field of online training.

Specialized in graphic design and mediation, she is in charge of giving life to e-learning modules at the graphic level, as well as in adding interactivity and animation. In addition, she recently had the opportunity to combine her passion for hand-drawing and the creation of digital training as an illustrator.

Her previous knowledge in the field of integration with various technologies has allowed her to easily adapt to the requirements of Studio 7 and its clientele in the use of Storyline and complementary software. Organized, she takes advantage of the scientific approach she acquired during her studies to work in a logical and meticulous manner. With the integration of a multitude of e-learning modules, in various formats, in accordance with the graphic universe of each client, while bringing her own touch of creativity, Solenn is recognized for her versatility in e-learning media production.

Graphic design
Motion design