Edouard Rotondo President

Since 2004, Edouard has led the transformation of Studio 7 into a corporate training leader, redefining the benchmark for quality and service in this market. His strategy lies on the company’s superior strengths in instructional design, visual communications and media solutions. Edouard and his team have leveraged these combined strengths to create a portfolio of corporate learning solutions and digital assets that is recognized in the industry for its performance and value.

In 2012, Edouard began leading Studio 7 to new and exciting markets by leveraging his team’s knowledge and experience to serious gaming solutions, and micro-learning. Today, Studio 7 has become a leading trendsetter in the design and development of unique learning games that are effective and meaningful in a strategically integrated learning plan.

Edouard is an Instructional Designer with a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and complementary graduate studies in management and marketing. When time permits, he teaches a Master’s-level course at Concordia University in Media Design and delivers regular conferences in Montreal on Training Design and Digital & Learning Strategies.

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