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What We Do


Every year, some of our senior Instructional Designers sit down with some of our customers, new and current, to discuss new learning strategies, current trends in learning, latest technologies and how to align their learning services with the business. Give us a call if you want some advice.


It’s the core of what we do. If you’re looking for custom online learning products that are not only pedagogically sound, but also visually stunning, you’ve come to the right place.

Serious Gaming

You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it, you’re considering it. Now let us show you that it isn’t as complex as all that. And it works.


Over 3 minutes? Under 5 minutes? Less than 10? It’s much more about the learning objectives than the duration. But it is effective. And it can be a great way to build a learning program that leverages bite-size, easy-to-retain content.


Studio 7 has supported the delivery of thousands of webinars these past 10 years. They still work, and are a great way to reach a very large audience or learners in a live training session.


Think “just-in-time” training bites that your learners can access when they are in the field, on the job, on a plane, or anywhere on the go, and all they have is their phone or tablet to quickly educate them on how to do something.

Video & Podcasting

Both excellent and complementary tools that can be used in pre-training, training, and/or post-training, in just about any learning activity.