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For over 10 years, Studio 7’s training and digital solutions have been improving the performance of clients all over the world, in dozens of markets. Our greatest asset has always been our team: a core of graduate instructional designers that are supported by a creative staff of graphic designers, programmers, and studio engineers. We are dedicated to self-improvement, so that we help we can continuously help our clients move their training strategies in the right direction, with the right tools in an ever-changing market.


Buisiness Management Instructional Design Creative Development Programming
Studio 7 was born from the idea of combining the wisdom of instructional design with the visual flair of marketing and the strength of technology that has now caught up to our ideas. Thanks to our business management team, who has been proudly spreading this idea to countless clients, we have grown, evolved, and established ourselves as a valuable partner to all companies.
The secret to Studio 7's success is creating products that shine from the inside out, built on the foundations of adult learning principles. To do so, our learning professionals, a.k.a. instructional designers, are called upon at the beginning of each project to analyze and transform data and information into a masterfully structured and eloquently written foundation of content that all learners will find clear, concise, and compelling.
Filled with innovation, imagination, and inspiration, the creative development team completes our winning formula for producing powerful products. Through their use of graphic design, illustration, 2D/3D modeling, photography and other multimedia talents, they add the wow factor to our instructional designers’ content to enhance all of our creations with their signature appeal.
It is said that "technology has finally caught up to our ideas". It is one step ahead of this paradigm that Studio 7's digital team likes to play. With experts in every popular programming language we can think of, our programmers combine not only expertise for cross-platform and mobile systems, but also in game design, serious gaming and web technologies.

As Studio 7's president, Edouard' is responsible for all external matters of the company, including building business relationships and fostering strategic partnerships. He also advises the senior leadership staff on business direction and opportunities.

Since launching the company in 2004, Edouard has led the transformation of Studio 7 into a corporate training leader. His strategy lies on the company's superior strengths in adult learning, visual communications and digital solutions. Edouard and his team have leveraged these combined strengths to create a portfolio of corporate learning solutions and digital assets that is recognized in the industry for its performance and value.

In 2012, Edouard began leading Studio 7 to new and exciting markets by leveraging his teams knowledge and experience in instructional design and digital strategies to serious gaming solutions. Today, Studio 7 has become a leading trend setter in the design and development of unique learning games that are effective and meaningful in a strategically integrated learning plan.

Edouard is an Instructional Designer with a Master's Degree in Educational Technology and complementary graduate studies in management and marketing. When time permits, he teaches a Master's-level course at Concordia University in Media Design and delivers regular conferences in Montreal on Training Design and Digital & Learning Strategies.


Marie-Karina Dimitri is gifted with a solid expertise in management, business process analysis, and reengineering, all of which are effective and strategic assets for Studio 7’s business partners.

With over 20 years of experience in education and digital communications, including 15 years in the health sector, she sets herself apart with her analytical mind, her creativity, and her strategic thinking. She always delivers projects that meet business needs by ensuring to identify and validate those needs with her clients at the outset. Her approach, anchored in her conviction that analysis is the pillar of success in any subject area, allows her to create clear strategies and measurable outcomes for each of her projects.

Her eclectic career path, combined with her innate creativity, has allowed Marie-Karina to develop a unique skill set in strategic communications and digital production for multiple sectors and across multiple platforms. Moreover, her understanding of regulatory issues and scientific content development enable her to maximize Studio 7’s service offering for health and pharmaceutical care.

Always mindful of the human factor behind each project, she is actively engaged in social causes, where she leverages her communicator’s skills to serve as a speaker and volunteer.


With over 25 years of experience in areas such as new business development, customer partnership and strategic sales and marketing, Normand is a master of establishing powerful relationships. As a creative thinker and enthusiastic communicator, he quickly earns the confidence of our clients and skillfully creates opportunities for new projects.

Normand is continuously complimented for his remarkable combination of thoughtful strategy and dynamic delivery. Those who have worked with him know that he goes straight to the point, and brings them with him.

Normand not only knows how to bring exciting ideas to the table, he knows how to make them work. His creativity is backed up by stellar negotiation and management skills that are reflected in his professional accomplishments and contributions to business successes.

As renowned as Normand is as a developer of business, he takes just as much pride in developing individuals. Furthermore, he does this in many forms, be it as an enthusiastic teacher, a passionate student, or a philanthropic manager that provides an optimal working environment for others to grow.


Chantal se joint à l’équipe de Studio 7 Communications en tant que Directrice, Stratégies et solutions d’affaires. L’expertise qu’elle a acquise au cours de 5 dernières années en tant stratège WEB et gestionnaire de médias sociaux sénior devient donc une valeur ajoutée à l’entreprise en pleine croissance.

Spécialisée en développement des affaires depuis maintenant 15 ans, elle est très présente au sein de la communauté des gens d’affaires de la région. Ainsi elle met toute son énergie à créer des relations d’affaires solides, enrichissantes et fructueuses.

Son expertise et son approche novatrice en tant que gestionnaire de médias sociaux est reconnue par ses pairs. Pour atteindre des objectifs d’affaires, l’utilisation des communications numériques est incontournable. Chantal est la personne qu’il vous faut pour établir une stratégie efficace, engager un dialogue plus lucratif et orienter la création d’un contenu plus percutant.

Sa vision globale novatrice des communications et le son implication dans la conception et l’idéation de solutions techniques et technologiques démontre sa passion à répondre aux besoins des clients en proposant des idées qui se démarquent.

Formation sur mesure (e-learning, conception pédagogique), des projets impliquant des solutions numériques (jeux sérieux, applications mobiles, sites Internet/programmation de haut niveau) et des communications graphiques en 2D et 3D. Chantal est maintenant appuyée par l’équipe d’experts de Studio 7 Communications pour vous accompagner à mener à terme le projet qui vous tient à cœur.


En tant que Directeur, Marketing et Solutions santé, Lanciné KONÉ est diplômé d’une maîtrise en économie de la santé, évaluation en santé et également d’une maîtrise en marketing et management des industries de la santé.

Ses expériences en promotion de la santé en Afrique, en France et au Québec, sont autant d’atouts qui font de lui une personne ressource sûre au sein de Studio 7. Véritable support à nos concepteurs pédagogiques, son expertise en marketing et solution santé permettront d’apporter des solutions pertinentes en matière de e-santé pour la grande satisfaction de nos clients.


Marie-Hélène loves a challenge! Her strong analytical abilities and easy-going nature help her to get at the heart of our clients’ needs; all with a smile. As Senior Director of Learning and Digital Solutions, Marie-Hélène works closely with Studio 7 clients to ensure that the innovative solutions we develop are in line with our clients’ objectives, whether it be customized e-learning or an App for smart phones and tablets.

Her dedication and strong project management skills coupled with her extensive instructional design knowledge, guarantee that our clients are completely satisfied.


George is a learning enthusiast who truly takes his title to heart, for to him, everything is an educational project. In addition to serving as a senior instructional designer, his personable character and attention to detail also bring him center stage as a facilitator in classroom training, on the road as a training representative who educates new clients on the learning possibilities we can create for them, and behind our own curtain as mentor to our team’s incoming instructional designers, enabling them to quickly integrate to Studio 7’s culture.


Justin realizes his clients’ strategic objectives by thoroughly analyzing their needs and then creating engaging solutions that acknowledge the learners’ context. His designs manifest in a variety of mediums: face-to-face training, e-learning, mobile learning, applications for smart devices, or a blended offering of all of the above.

Specializing in digital ergonomics, he designs interfaces that allow users to interact with Studio 7’s digital products with ease and efficiency, granting them a productive, positive and enjoyable experience.


Lex's strong instructional design background in digital content design for emergent learning technologies, multi-media production and learning/course management systems reflect an expertise in educational learning theories combined with a firm foundation of research in educational technology best practices.

His diverse portfolio has included designing online environments and resources for distance medical communication companies, counseling modules for anger management and posttraumatic stress and educational technology training for university and college faculty.

He is an expert at the development and delivery of blending learning programs, Web 2.0 social community platforms and 'just in time' rapid online training content delivery.


As the Art Director at Studio 7 Communications, Joelle is a graphic designer with a keen eye for aesthetics. She unleashes her creativity as she passionately designs the visuals and branding to a variety of projects, ranging from learning products to digital solutions

Adept at project management, she runs the studio to ensure that creative projects are delivered on time while meeting Studio 7’s highest creative standards. With her multitasking talent, she works on multiple projects simultaneously with lightning speed and efficiency. Catch her if you can!

Always ahead of the game, and with an affinity towards technology, she learns new production software in no time to provide higher quality products. No challenge is too challenging for her. Bring it on!


Having managed the technical needs of a training department for 6 years, Alain is well-acquainted with the stakes of corporate learning technology. He was responsible for piloting several learning management systems and key software applications for the production of e-learning courses for the Canadian division of a multinational. Moreover, he was then entrusted with implementing the chosen system and deploying the company’s e-learning development process.

Adding an expertise in 2D animation as well as several competencies in multimedia to his assets, Alain never ceases to push the limits of software applications to make the user experience as rich and engaging as possible while ensuring to fulfill the established learning objectives.

Motivated by combining innovation with creation, and by his own technical and visual experience, he now supports the Studio 7 team at several project stages, contributing to the delivery of quality products.


Sacha's passion for drawing has led him to many years of study in the arts. In this vast domain, he learned to master different areas such as illustration, storyboarding, cartooning, visual conceptualization and logo creation, amongst numerous others.

Sacha's passion for drawing has led him to many years of study in the arts. In this vast domain, he learned to master different areas such as illustration, storyboarding, cartooning, visual conceptualization and logo creation, amongst numerous others.

Thanks to his inspired creativity and his limitless imagination, Sacha creates visuals with a particularly unique and enjoyable touch. As such, he is a very important asset to project development at Studio 7.


Kathy is a freelance photographer and cinematographer with a flair for revealing the art and the beauty in everyday life. Whether shooting for corporate customers, individual clients, or personal projects, Kathy applies her unique style and vision to all of her work. Her photography has been exhibited in galleries in around the world: Montreal, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Seattle, Arizona, the Ukraine and Morocco.

Kathy has a BA in Creative Writing, a BFA in Film Production, and an AFC in Commercial Photography, and continues to sharpen her skills and broaden her horizons with new educational and artistic pursuits.

Kathy is thrilled to be sharing both her skills and artistic vision with Studio 7.



Frédérick's mission is to make certain that our products reach our clients' expectations with regards to programming and interface design. Skilled in many programming languages, his greatest area of expertise is gaming, where he combines forces with the teaching abilities of the instructional designers and the artistic abilities of the graphic designers to turn learning experiences into learning revolutions.

As Chief Technology Officer, Frédérick leads his team across all aspects of Studio 7’s digital solutions, including needs analysis and client relations. As evidenced by his many coding sessions, mentoring sessions, and client discussions, Frédérick is the consummate digital professional.

Although technologies constantly evolve, Frédérick’s love for his craft has him constantly acquiring the knowledge necessary to be able to deliver cutting-edge, competitive products. From 3D interfaces and gaming solutions to interactive and adaptive software, Frédérick always provides the answer to our digital projects.

While his résumé is filled with illustrious accomplishments in the domains of management websites, multimedia websites, and video games, Frédérick’s current focus is on mobile applications. His vision and creativity in this area has consequently contributed to the success of numerous apps Studio 7 has created for its clients, all of which have be recognized for their quality and ingenuity.


Développeur senior avec plus de 15 années d’expérience dans des projets d’envergure dans différents domaines dont la santé, la pharmaceutique, l’ingénierie et le commerce électronique, Benoit contribue au succès de l’équipe avec ses connaissances diversifiées sur les processus d’affaires.

En plus de ses compétences techniques, il possède aussi un bagage commercial en tant qu’entrepreneur ayant participé à la création d’une entreprise de développement de logiciels de communautique et de gestion du savoir.


Passionnée pour la recherche, les projets éducatifs et les jeux sérieux, Ana adore les nouveaux défis. Elle apporte son expérience en tant que développeuse de livres interactifs, de professeure dans le domaine de l’hôtellerie et du tourisme aux projets novateurs de Studio 7.


With constant new advances in digital technologies and learning methodologies, Studio 7 is no stranger to evolution. The most important part of this evolution, however, has been with our team, both in terms of current staff updating their skills, and new staff coming on board to enrich our products in all-new ways. If you truly see yourself as the next part of our evolution, we’d love to hear from you. Send your c.v. and cover letter to joinstudio7@studio7web.ca, and we’ll take it from there.